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Purpose of this Blog

January 1, 2013

Well, here I am making another blog, another failed blog, or a success? I guess we’ll find out together. In fact, chances are, if you’re reading this now, three outcomes are likely: A) I succeeded in making this an engaging blog, that people visit. B) I made this singular post, or perhaps two or three, and this post stares at you from a blog mostly bereft of content. C) Your name is Michael.

In this post I’d like to throw my hat in the ring by giving an introduction about myself, and why I created this blog.

Where to start. Well, my name is Kenneth, born in 1991, making me 21 at the time of this posting, I grew up in Sydney; NSW, before my family moved interstate to Victoria shortly after my mother’s death when I was around 15.

Picture of statue holding head in right hand in an exasperated manner.

Me, failing to learn Japanese repeatedly.

I’ve made numerous attempts, going all the way back to my life in Sydney, to learn languages, particularly Japanese, and always failed miserably. Scraping along, giving up, starting over.

Well, this past year, things have improved. I’ve acquired more self-discipline (though I have a long way to go) and the language learning materials and techniques I’m now familiar with are more effective and more enjoyable than those I used previously.

As a motivational tool, I’m making this blog to track my progress towars polyglottery. I have a lot of interests outside languages, so I will probably never be the kind of mindblowing, knows a billion languages polyglots you see on YouTube from time to time, but I hope to be fluent in many languages across my lifetime.

Here you will see, and I will post, my victories, my defeats, my struggles and lessons I learn (or don’t learn) along the way. I hope this blog is valuable to somebody else one day, but either way, I think I will get something out of it.

In my next post I will talk about what languages I want to learn and perhaps why.


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One Comment
  1. Hmmm…I’ll go w/ “C”. ^_^

    Sidenote: I love the word “polyglottery”.

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